A Full-View Corner of the World

By Fausto Borella

In Maremma there is an uninterrupted rapport between the land and tradition. The faces of its inhabitants are mirrors of the past and a territory full of contrasts, of wildlife, history and places to discover.

The old Fattoria La Parrina is undoubtedly now part of this vast region’s history, with its farm holiday accommodation, greenhouses, cheese factory, livestock, organic farming, vineyards and olive groves.
It all began with the Florentine banker Michele Giutini and the estate is now in the capable hands of Franca Spinola, who is always looking for ways to enhance the value of a land so intermingled with local tradition. Wandering through the property it is easy to become a child again, with sights of peacocks and turtles all sources of wonder.
From the olive groves on the farm’s hills come the fruits that make Parrina IGP Toscano Agriqualità extra virgin olive oil. It has a clean and fragrant aroma with scents of fresh apple and walnut, while the flavor persistently brings eggplant to mind.
The oil is perfect to accompany countless things especially those produced on the estate. Above all it is perfect with guttus, a blue cheese they make from goat’s milk that is fairly sharp and recalls a French Roquefort. The oil is also excellent to use when making a simple pasta with tomato sauce.
Everything is rigorously farm-made and organic.

Parrina IGP Toscano Agriqualità Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Price: 15 euros (50cl)