Fausto Borella

“What my father did was much more than a simple handshake, he knew that I didn’t have a bent for studying for life rules and regulations that did not belong to me. I needed to leave my desk and travel, learn, enjoy and look for excitement. In a word, to live my land”.

While studying Law at the university, he realizes that his true calling is to be a food-and-wine connoisseur. Since 2001 he is an official taster and AIS speaker; in Rome, he got the Master of Wine in 40 weeks. In the same year it happens the meeting with the man who will change his life: Luigi Veronelli. Thanks to Gino, he will travel throughout Italy of wines and foods for two wonderful years, discovering the gastronomic field of extra virgin olive oil. He thus becomes one of the greatest connoisseurs of extra virgin olive oil, contributing in the organization of courses for Olive Oil Sommelier in Rome. For two years, he is the official olive oil expert for the TV programme “Taste” on the Italian Channel 5. After the Roman experience he sets up Maestrod’olio®, with which he organizes courses and olive oil tastings to discover the best olive oil of excellence.

Since 2004 – the founding year of Maestrodivino® – he organizes food and wine events, together with meetings and hypes, combining brand with food and wine.

Since then he caught several current waves, building a life made of research, experience and satisfaction that lead him to be constantly on the move in the research of products of excellence of our land.