Fausto Borella

«What my father gave me was far more than a simple handshake; he knew that I couldn’t spend my life studying rules and sets of laws I didn’t feel like mine. What I felt was the need for leaving my desk and travel, make some real experiences and thrill at things. I needed, in a word, to live my own Land.»


Fausto Borella career as a gourmet critic started after he met Luigi Veronelli, who initiated him into the secrets of the most precious Italian ‘food-mines’. Today, he’s a professional sommelier and official taster that, 10 years ago, established Maestrod’olio® Academy, an institution through which he organizes, in Italy as well as abroad, a number of courses, seminars and tasting events on how to distinguish and properly pair good food, wine and olive oil.
For a number of years he’s been promoting Italian extra-virgin olive oils through dedicated tasting classes and events aimed at informing consumers on the real characteristics of this still poorly known product. He also conceived and arranged “extraLucca” – an annual event that takes place every February in the old town centre of Lucca, in Tuscany – where the special fragrances and tastes of the best extra-virgin olive oils from all Italian regions play their leading roles by being paired with a number of different food and dishes.
Since 2016, Fausto Borella is on the air on AliceTV and MarcopoloTV with dedicated programmes such as “Profumo d’Olio” and “Terre d’Olio”.