Maestrod’olio Academy

«What my father gave me was far more than a simple handshake; he knew that I couldn’t spend my life studying rules and sets of laws I didn’t feel like mine. What I felt was the need for leaving my desk and travel, make some real experiences and thrill at things. I needed, in a word, to live my own Land.»


Maestrod’olio and Maestrodivino
Wine and food critic. His career began after meeting Luigi Veronelli, discovering with him the most important Italian gastronomic fields. Professional sommelier and official taster, for almost fifteen years he founded the Accademia Maestrod’olio®, through which he organizes events, workshops and tastings in Italy and abroad to understand the right food-wine-oil pairing.
For years Fausto Borella has been promoting Italian artisanal extra virgin olive oil thanks to tasting courses and events, to inform the consumer about the real characteristics of this still little-known product. Since 2016 he is the face of La Gola in Viaggio on Alicetv and Marcopolotv. Every year, for almost a decade, publishes the Guide The Land of Olive Oil, in its Italian and English version, including the best selected artisan companies in the Italian olive grove.
He is the creator and organizer of many events such as extraLucca, an event in which extra virgin olive oil from all over Italy becomes the protagonist through its aromas and flavors and pairing with the most varied preparations. It takes place every year in February in Lucca, Tuscany. Other successful dates are extraLucca at school, a series of events in which the Maestrod’olio offers free tastings of extra virgin olive oil and genuine products to children of primary schools sensitizing them to the quality of the Italian gastronomic heritage and its aromas and flavors.
Maestrod’olio in… instead it is an itinerant event that is based in every place that proves sensitive to these issues: for example, Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta was a successful exhibition where about thirty selected companies producing extra virgin olive oil and gastronomic particularities from all over Italy, have tasted their excellences in the Cloister of Pietrasanta.

Maestrodivino® is a brand created by Fausto Borella in 2004. With this brand is spread the art of convivium and well-being, through the knowledge of products excellence of the entire national and international territory.
Lessons, seminars, tastings and above all events of one day or more days to make known, in real lounges and villages, the best productions of food and wine. Since 2005 he has been in charge of the “Cantina di Miss Italia”, a lounge-lounge, where the guests of the beauty Olympics had the opportunity to relax tasting food and wines from all Italian regions. He took part in the International Equestrian Competition Piazza di Siena. Following in the footsteps of the Winery, Casa Sanremo curated a space dedicated to singers, sponsors and journalists who came to the Sanremo Festival.
In 2012 he participated in Casa Italia London 2012 during the Olympic Games held in the British capital. Maestrodivino® organizes tastings and educational in Tuscany and Italy to discover the enological and gastronomic excellence of the whole national territory, book now your tasting!