Get a quality oil – from

By Fausto Borella

I go around for work. I meet people. Hard-working people. Producers of quality extra virgin olive oil investing with their daily work. And not only economically, but morally and especially by putting in it all their passion. I’ve heard many times: “My oil is like a son to me”. And no joke.
Getting a quality oil involves aspects that are completely different one from the other: from the safety of the food, till its hedonistic quality, not forgetting the good nutritional level (essential requirement). It must be bore in mind that every drop of obtained oil is the result of a process made of interwoven events: ripening, harvest, processing, without neglecting the preservation passage. Some tips to store oil as much time as possible, maintaining its original organoleptic characteristics, may relate to a preservation temperature within a range between 12 and 23 °C and the protection of the bottle from direct light and heat. Concerning high quantities of product, it would be ideal to inactivate storage tanks with the introduction of nitrogen gas, in order to protect the sensory characteristics of the oil.
This is one of the necessary passages which lead to a high quality oil such as that achieved by those producers who could be open to follow their fruit just to verify that it is never being abused. Fonte Veneziana Farm covers an area of approximately 16.8 hectares in the Arezzo area and flourishes thanks to the participation of Alessandra, Paolo and Stefano Rossi de Vermandois. The main varieties in the farm are: Moraiolo, Raggiaio and Leccino. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks filled with nitrogen in an air conditioned room, which keeps the temperature between 14 and 17 °C.
Their oil, Villa Ada, distinguishes itself by a deep and light green colour. The olfactory range is broad, with immediate perceptions of artichoke, fresh tomato and sage. The taste is powerful and pleasant and the bitter feelings of aubergine and the ending of black pepper and nutmeg blend well. It goes well with grilled lamb chops from Zeri or tagliatelle with pigeon.