Ecce Olio II – Rome

By Redazione

This course offered to each attendant the opportunity to taste 60 different extra-virgin olive oils paired with the best Italian local food and dishes, so discovering a new practice that certainly twisted their habits.

The course included:

  • 9 classes to discover how our excellent Italian extra-virgin olive oils are produced;
  • Over 60 selected olive oils for tasting;
  • 1 edu trip in Tuscany to realize how the olive oil production chain really works;
  • 1 dinner with food, olive oil and wine pairing.

The kit provided included:

  • Backpack with 6 olive oil tasting glasses and their covers;
  • Coursebook “L’ulivo e l’olio” (Coltura & Cultura Editore);
  • Tasting notebook;
  • Olive oil samples for tasting;
  • Maestrod’olio diploma and badge;
  • Maestrod’olio membership card

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