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By Fausto Borella

Biodynamic agriculture. Many people wonder if it is a fad or the future instead.
I think the answer is both. Our society is suddenly hit by eddies of current trends that affect the attitudes of the social community, until it is time for another novelty. Biodynamic agriculture is far from new. Since 1924, many farms have based their philosophy on the principle of biodynamics, inserting themselves within a larger living organism that affects its cyclical processes. It is mainly based on the use of life already active in the land and undo ut des, a reciprocal exchange between the different components that make up the atmosphere. This system is regulated by the Demeter biodynamic quality trademark.
Operational tools of biodynamic farmer are: agricultural rotations, biodynamic preparations, composting, the lunar and planetary calendar for sowing and for cultivation, non-destructive processing of the soil, a quality fertilizing through special green manures and fertilizer with biodynamic compost.
These days many people have directed their marketing on biodynamic, even without the appropriate certifications and without any real preparation for this natural approach. Marketing strategies are essential, but the biodiversity is the driving force of the biodynamic farms par excellence, in which the factors of the biosystem coexist harmoniously.
Fattoria La Maliosa – centred on the figure of Antonella Manuli – is a biodynamic farm in the Grosseto area, who believed and still believe that the biodynamic is the future, that the ecosystem can give the best of its own fruits approaching it with the techniques of biodynamic olive-growing. A relatively young farm, founded in 2005 on the hills of Monte Cavallo, near the hot springs in Saturnia and halfway between Monte Amiata and the Argentario. Antonella Manuli wanted immediately to prepare the foundation of business by respecting the biodiversity of the area. Nowadays, the output is related to 300 olive trees in anticipation of the new planting layout of over 3000 units.
Fattoria La Maliosa produces a multi-variety oil and its colour is golden yellow with emerald hues. Olfactory intensity is particularly strong with recognitions of artichoke and field chicory. In the mouth there is a balance between spice and hints of bitter aubergine that prolong the taste sensations. The ideal coupling is with pappa al pomodoro or in the preparation for almond biscuits.