A Project Bears Good Fruits

By Fausto Borella

From the solemnity of Carducci’s ode to the source of Clitumnus River one can imagine the majesty of the Umbrian countryside. As we wander with our minds centuries of history ooze from every village wall. Le Terre di Poreta is a ten-year project carried out with determination by Paolo Montani della Fargna and his family and today represents a combination between farming, tourism and cultural enhancement. The estate was originally the hunting lodge of Cardinal Annibale della Genga, who later became Pope Leo XII. The Marquis Federico Pucci della Genga developed the area by intensifying its farming activities and setting up an agricultural research and development center. Between 2006 and 2009 the project evolved with the creation first of Villa della Genga Country Houses and then of Borgo della Maremma Farm Resort. Farming methods follow the estate’s philosophy of safeguarding bio-diversity through research to rediscover seeds and plants native to the area in the past and by respecting nature and its cycles by employing the old method of crop rotation. The Terre di Poreta Project is an all-encompassing one that includes cultural visits to cooking lessons and olive oil tastings, as well as a first-hand encounters with nature riding a bike or on horseback.

Already at the start of the 19th century Villa della Genga was known for its olive oil production. Cerquepapa organic extra virgin is the traditional oil. They also produce three single variety, stoned oils created with the collaboration of the unforgettable Gino Veronelli: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo, made from the fruits of this true organic oasis. Each olive variation is harvested separately and taken to the oil mill for a two-stage pressing. Aside from olives, the farm also produces grains and legumes, the best being the zolfini, cicerchia and black-eyed beans. The stoned Frantoio oil has a yellow color with green reflections. The aroma is intense with lively scents of walnut, pine nuts and rocket. The flavor is consistent with the aroma with a distinct note of red chili pepper. The oil is ideal for making strangozzi with wild asparagus, the typical pasta dish of the area around Spoleto.

Frantoio/Moraiolo/Leccino – Organic Stoned Extra Virgin Oils
25cl 9 euros
50cl 14 euros