Thank you for spending a few minutes in reading this section of our websites.
Your privacy is very important for FAUSTOBORELLA SRL and in order to better protect it,
we are going to provide you the following statements including information on the kind of data we collect
online and on your possible actions on data collection and related use in our websites.

Our Privacy Policy is in line with §13 of Italian legislative decree n. 196/2003
of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code for internet users interacting
with FAUSTOBORELLA SRL web services, accessible online at the following

Our Privacy Policy only applies to the following websites,, owned by FAUSTOBORELLA SRL and is not
applicable to any other third-party website that the user may access through a link.

Our Privacy Policy is in line with the EU Recommendation n. 2/2001
on the protection of personal data, included within the Group established by art. 29 of the
EU Directive n. 95/46/CE, that European authorities adopted on May 17, 2001, to identify some
minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data and particularly, methods, timing and
nature of the information that the Treatment Holders shall provide to users when
they connect to and visit web pages, regardless of the purpose of their connection.


Personal data related to identified or identifiable users visiting our websites can be collected
after their visits. The Data Treatment Holder is FAUSTOBORELLA SRL
based in 52 Corso Garibaldi, 55100 Lucca, Tuscany – VAT n. 02086500465.
Mr FAUSTO BORELLA (fiscal ID: BRLFST70L08G702V) is accountable for the above mentioned data treatment
that he will carry out in his head office at 52 Corso Garibaldi, 55100 Lucca, Tuscany.


All treatments related to our web services are carried out at the above mentioned
FAUSTOBORELLA SRL head office by the proper experts in charge
or by third-parties occasionally appointed for the maintenance service.
No data from our websites shall ever be disclosed to third parties. Personal data
provided from users asking for being sent information materials such as
newsletters etc. will be only used for that specific purpose.


Treated data include: navigation data, information systems and software procedures data
collected and used for the regular managing and running of our websites,
personal data transferred according to standard internet communication protocols.

The above mentioned information are not collected with the purpose of being associated to the
user involved but, owing to their own nature, they could, through their processing
and association with other third-party data, allow the identification of the user. This
data category includes IP addresses or domain names of the devices used to
connect to websites, and also URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the
required sources, time of request, procedure used to forward request to
the server, size of the file received in reply, number code
indicative of the state of reply received by the server (succeeded, failed, …) and
other parameters concerning the OS and the information environment of the user.

Those data are only used to retrieve anonymous statistics information
on the use of websites for monitoring purposes. Those data can also be used
to determine any liabilities in case of hypothetical cybercrimes over
our websites but only on request of the proper supervising bodies and authorities.

Data provided voluntarily by users

The optional and voluntary sending of personal email and mail addresses to the addresses
provided on our websites entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender address –
needed to reply to any request – as well as any other personal data the user may include in his/her request.

No personal user data regarding cookies shall be acquired from our websites. We do not
use cookies for personal data communication and we do not use persistent c.d. cookies
of any kind that may imply the tracking of users.
Use of session c.d. cookies (those that are not persistently stored on the
user device and disappear when the user closes his/her browser) is
strictly limited to the transmission of session ID data (made of casual digits
generated by the server) which are necessary to allow a secured and effective exploration
of our websites. Session c.d. cookies used in our websites allow us to avoid using other
information techniques potentially detrimental for the privacy of a user navigation experience
and do not allow the acquisition of user ID personal data.


Apart from what has been said above concerning navigation data, the user is free to provide
his/her personal data by filling the request forms to FAUSTOBORELLA SRL or otherwise
in the contact section to ask for information materials or other communication. In case of
missing data, users may not receive any reply to their requests.


People under 18 cannot send any information or buy anything or legally interact
in any way on our websites without parental consent, unless otherwise
provided for by the current laws and regulations.


Personal data are processed through automated systems for the time strictly
necessary to reach the purposes of their collection. Special security measures
are followed to prevent data loss, illegal or improper use and non-authorized access.


The subjects owners of the personal data concerned can at any time ask and get
information on the existence of the data and take cognizance of their content
and source, check their correctness or ask for integrating, changing or updating
them according to §7 of Leg. Decree n. 196/2003. In conformity to that same decree,
the parties concerned can request the deletion, anonymous change or block of their
treated data in case of breach of law, as well as oppose their treatment
for valid reasons. For any doubt, suspect or questions regarding
the observance of the privacy policy adopted by FAUSTOBORELLA SRL and its
application, accuracy of user personal data or use of collected information, please do not
hesitate to contact us via e-mail at