Maestrodivino® is a brand set up by Fausto Borella in 2004. His aim is to spread, thanks to this brand, the art of feast and wellbeing, through the knowledge of the entire range of both national and international products of excellence.

Lectures, seminars, tastings and day events – or, if necessary, of a longer duration – to let everybody experience, in real lounges and villages, the best production of food and wine.

Since 2005 he has been the person in charge for the “Cellar of Miss Italia”, a lounge where guests of the Olympics of beauty had the chance to relax thanks to the tastings of foods and wines from all the Italian regions.

He took part in the International Horse Show at Piazza di Siena.

In the wake of the Cellar, he supervised Casa Sanremo, a space dedicated to singers, sponsors and journalists flocked to the Festival of Sanremo.

In 2012 he participated in Casa Italia London 2012 during the Olympic Games held in the British capital.